Should I try it again ?

These days, I'm toying with the idea of taking the Eiken exam again.

Not yet decided at the moment though.

As I said in my past article, I'm gonna take the sample examination of Eiken grade1

(I'm not sure this is the accurate way to call this exam) in the next month,

so I've re-started studying for it.

It may sound ridiculous to prepare for just a mock-test, but I feel some sort of satisfaction in studying for the Eiken.

The hardest part of trying the Eiken grade1 I think is how to deal with its writing and speaking test.

Unlike the old format test, the current Eiken exam requires the applicants to score more than 70~80% in each subject.

That means, even if you got a 100% score on the reading and the listening test,

you would fail the first exam, if you wouldn't be able to reach a passing line in the writing test.

I made a lot of effort to handle the writing and speaking tests, and that truly improved my English skills.

If I try taking the Eiken exam again, not so much time might be needed to prepare for those subjects.

Because as well as numerous amounts of vocabulary,

 I still remember  a lot of contents of essays and speech drafts that I memorized in the previous test.

That's one of the reasons I'm thinking about taking the test again.

Another reason is that I still have some regrets about the previous test, even though I passed the test, with some feelings like

"I could have done much better in the speaking test.",

"I should have given more attention to my pronunciation, speaking speed, and the content of my speech."

I wonder if I tried it again, I might be able to get a better score...

These thoughts have always haunted me since I passed the previous Eiken grade 1.

On the other hand,  the only concern is my motivation.

Keeping my motivation up should be so difficult.

Anyway, I haven't decided whether to try it or not, and I probably won't tell you about it even if I decided to take the exam.

Because I realize declaring about it itself would put great pressure on me.


These are just my thoughts !